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Define Ageism [2]

A process of systematic stereotyping and discrimination [1] against people just because they are old [1]


What is the impact of an ageing population on the health provisions?

Increased health professionals required
Increase need for facilities for elderly health care
Care of many long term conditions i.e. diabetes, renal disease
Specific health promotion campaigns for elderly


What is the impact of an ageing population on social aspects?

Pt will be increasingly dependent on family and carers
Increase in demand for home carers and nursing homes
Increase emphasis of social activities for elderly in communities
Housing demands


What is the economic impact of an ageing population?

Retirement/pension increases
Employment hard for young people
Proportionately less people paying into tax and pension funds
State pension may not be enough, resulting in poverty
Increasing cost of 'free personal care for elderly;


What is the political impact of an ageing population?

The increasing elderly population will potentially have the power to influence political decision making in relation to their specific concerns.


Define multi morbidity

The co-existence of two or more long-term conditions in an individual


What is the impact of being a carer?

Half lives in houses where no-one is paid work
1/3 carers drop in £20 000 or more a year
1/3 cut back on essential likes food and eating
If provide round the clock care, twice as likely to be bad health
49% thought that society doesn't think about them


What are five different options for care?

Living in own home with support from family
Living in own home with support from social services
Sheltered Housing
Residential Home (24hr support but no medical cover)
Nursing Home Care


What are the three factors of anticipatory care plan?



How are anticipatory care plans construct?

Can occur at any time
By anyone with appropriate relationship
Done to think ahead
Shared as a KID (key information summary)


What needs to the organised in the legal aspect of anticipatory care plans?

Welfare power of attorney
Financial power of attorney


What needs to the organised in the personal aspect of anticipatory care plans?

Statement of wishes regarding treatment/advance directive
Next of kin
Consent to pass on information to relevant others
Preferences and priorities regarding treatment
Who else to consult/inform
Preferred place of death
Religious and cultural beliefs re death
Current level of support e.g. family/carers


What needs to the organised in the medical aspect of anticipatory care plans?

Potential problems
Home care package
Wishes re DNA CPR
Scottish Palliative Care Guidelines
Communication which has occurred with other professionals
Details of “just-in-case” medicines
Electronic care summary
Assessment of capacity/competence
Current aids and appliances (helps assess current functional level)


What are the core questions to decided whether to have home care

What are the true costs of home care?
Is care always available?
What Care options are available?
Rapid response; respite; Rosewell and Links.
What is care planning?
Discuss how the service has had to be redesigned.