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Name roles of the traditions Primary Healthcare Team (PHCT)

GP partners, assistants and registrar
Practice nurses
Practice managers
Community nurses
Health visitors
Nurse practitioners


What are the roles of GP in the PHCT?

spectrum of care within the local community: dealing with problems that often combine physical, psychological and social components. They increasingly work in teams with other professions, helping patients to take responsibility for their own health.


What is the significance of GPs being independent contractors of the NHS?

Provides independence so they are responsible for providing adequate premises from which to practice and for employing their own staff.


What are the roles of Practice nurses in the PHCT?

Wound management (ulcers)
Travel health advice and vaccinations
Child immunisations
Family planning & women’s health (cervical smears)
Men’s health screening
Sexual health services
Smoking cessation.


Where do district nurses work?

They visit people in their own homes or in residential care homes, providing increasingly complex care for patients and supporting family members.


What are the primary responsibilities of a district nurse?

Direct patient care, and a teaching and support role; working with patients to enable them to care for themselves or with family members teaching them how to give care to their relatives. They are also accountable for their own patient caseloads. 


What is the secondary roles of district nurses?

Keep admissions and readmissions down and ensuring that patients can return to their own homes as soon as possible.

They assess the healthcare needs of patients and families, monitor the quality of care they're receiving and are professionally accountable for delivery of care.


What is the role of the midwife in the PHCT?

Provide care during all stages of pregnancy, labour and the early postnatal period.

Working mostly in community but also in clinic and GP surgeries.


What is the role of a health visitor?

Leading and deliver child and family health services (pregnancy through to 5 years)

- Offer parenting support
- New birth visit i.e. hep on feeding
- Support post natal depression etc


What are macmillan nurses?

Specialised nurses in cancer and palliative care, proving support and information to people with cancer, and their families and friends


What are the roles of macmillan nurses?

Specialised pain and symptom control
Emotional support both for the patient and their family or carer

NOT involved in routine tasks i.e. personal hygiene, changing dressings


Name six allied health professionals


Occupational Therapy






What is the role of a pharmacist?

Advise medical and nursing staff on the selection and appropriate use of medicines. They provide information to patients on how to manage their medicines to ensure optimal treatment.


What is the role of a dietetics?

Enable people to make informed and practical choices about food and lifestyle in health and disease.


What is the role of a physiotherapist?

Carry out manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and the application of electro-physical modalities. They also have an appreciation of psychological, cultural and social factors influencing their clients.

Maximise movement through health promotion


What is the role of an occupational therapist?

Assessment and treatment of physical and psychiatric conditions using specific activity to prevent disability and promote independent function


What are the three selected secondary care services that PC can refer patients for?

Hospital consultants
Diagnostic imaging
Operating services


What is a care manager?

They are highly trained social workers who work with the patient to advise on social and financial support services.


What are two political pressure?

Reduce cost of treatment
Provide more treatments closer to where patient lives


What are economical factors which effect the PHCT?

Most GPs too small or unfit for growing numbers

Decreasing doctor-owned premises

Much wider nage of services in enlarged premises


What is the impact of the growing number of ageing patient on the PHCT?

More long term conditions
Greater demand for healthcare


What is the name of the classification for PHT teamwork?

The Forum on Teamworking in Primary Healthcare


What steps ensure the PHCT work well together?

Common purpose
Set objectives and monitor
Agree teamwork conditions (inc process for resolving conflict)
Everyone understands each others role
Select leader
Promote teamwork
Facilitate interpersonal collaboration via education and training


What is the effect of new and larger general practice on the PHCT?

Challenge to number of the PHCT to initiate effective team working


What is the importance of integration of health and social care?

Reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital and delayed discharges.

Efficient and effective use of limited resources and is believed to be central to the challenge of improving outcomes for patients and service users.


What is the act passed to integrate health and social care?

Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014


What is the Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014?

Integrate health and social care by creating new public organisations, known as integration authorities, with a view to breaking down barriers to joint working between NHS boards and local authorities (Audit Scotland, 2015).


How does the audit act of Scotland 2015 integrate health and social care?

Required NHS boards and local authorities to jointly submit an integration scheme for each area setting out the detail of which functions will be delegated to the integration authority, to create a model.


Who is part of the integrated joint boards?

Three members from the local authority and NHS board are nominated; local authorities nominate councillor and NHS board nominates non-executive directors.

Must also include a GP, a nurse, a secondary medical care practitioner, a service user, a staff-side, a third sector, an officer who is responsible for financial administration, the Chief Officer and the Chief Social Worker