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How much CO2 does China emit per year

More than 10000 megatonnes


% of Global emissions from China

2014- 27%


Health problems by air pollution

2006- 32.8 million ppl had lung diseases e.g. bronchitis, 39 million also had asthma
750,000 die prematurely from air pollution related respiratory diseases


How many people breathe polluted air

75% of urban residents


To treat diseases how much will be payed

By 2020 China will be paying $390 billion to treat diseases indirectly caused by burning coal (13% of predicted GDP)


Lanzhou 1998

Average leve, of air particulate pollution was 20X than British city. And 10X health limit set by WHO.


How much did total energy consumption of China increase

2000-2005 increased by 70% and fossil fuel and coal use increased by 75%.


How much did number of cars increase

Feb 2012 5 million mark. Nitrogen oxide will increase


How much does Beijing rely on coal

37% of their total % of consumption
London is only 1%
Uses 46% of worlds coal


50 year energy plan

To reduce coal from 67%-27% in 2050 by the use of natural gas and renewable energy sources


3 gorges dam

Dec 2008 completed hydroelectric power dam
4 yrs after completion- 1 million Twh pc electricity was produced , double what was produced in 2008
Reduced 150 million tons of emission per year.


Air pollution index

By 2001 , 47 cities regularly measured SO2,NO2 and PM10 and put it on air pollution index.
50,000 environment protests on 2005


Green Great Wall

By 2050, across 35 million hectares to slow winds and stabilise env. And decrease dust pollution


Restrict car use

2008 during Beijing olympics - Within 4th ring road, alternating between vehicles with odd and even car number plates. This reduced cars down a 1/5th. Equates to 1.95 million. Day.