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How many of China’s cities have no sewage treatment facilities



What causes water pollution

Polluting industries which dispose chemical waste into rivers and lakes which local governments have failed to crack down.


Health issues

980 million people drink party polluted water dangerous levels of arsenic, fluorine and sulfates
190 million people in China fall ill every year and 60,000 people die from diseases caused by water pollution l


How many of China’s lakes suffer from eutrophication



To treat just half amount of sewage

Gov need to invest in 10000 treatment facilities.


Water 10

Goals included controlling pollutants and to improve quality of drinking water. Over 93% of urban drinking water sources shall reach Grade 3 or more by 2020


How much water is unfit for any purpose



Essentially functionless in Beijing



How much sewage does China produce everyday

3.5 million tons


How much sewage is released into rivers without being treated

90% of household sewage
And 1/3 of industrial waste water


How many people drink contaminated water

More than 600 million drink human and animal waste contaminated water


Pressure on water

China has 20% of worlds pollution but only 7% of worlds fresh water


Why is north drier than south

North contains 2 deserts. Increasingly arid and suffers from water shortages, cuz in the south, the land heats up and draws in moist air from over the. South China Sea. One meeting mountains, and cooler air masses, rain falls as part of the summer monsoon
80% of water is in southern China.


South to north Water transfer project

To transfer water from Yangtze River in the south to the north as 1/2 of the pop. And 2/3 of farmland is in the north with only 20% of water. 3 routes = Eastern, central, western
Planned for completion in 2050
Move 44.8 billion cubic metres of fresh water from south to north.
Estimated to cost $62 billion


Why is demand for water increasing in China

Urbanisation and rapidly increasing pop. And increasing demand for coal. Large amount of water used to process coal.


Conflicts due to water demand

Increase north and south divide
Domestic / cultural divide.
Might influence migration.


3 gorges dam protects how many people from floods

200 million people
And reduces frequency of major downstream flooding from once every 10 years to once every 100.


Global warming effects on water supply

Global warming means higher temps which means changing rainfall patterns.
Increased desertification as dry soil can’t hold water. And expected to increase disparity between the north and south as the north will have more droughts and south will have more floods