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Why are aircraft cleaned? Give at least five reasons.

-Dirt covers cracks; defects.
-Dirty skin reduces aerodynamics increases weight.
-Dirt blowing inside cabin is dangerous.
-Pieces of dirt blown into pilot's eyes can cause an accident. -Salt water & carbon monoxide can cause corrosion.


What are the three categories of washing aircraft? Describe each.

Wet Wash- removes greases, oil and carbon
Dry Wash- removes airport dust, small accumulations of soil
Polishing- removes mild oxidation corrosion, restores the metals luster


How are magnesium engine parts cleaned?

Magnesium engine parts are cleaned with a fine spray of kerosene and then remove residue with a stiff hog bristle brush.


How are aircraft windshields cleaned?

Aircraft windshields are cleaned by rinsing with fresh water and drying with a chamois, synthetic wipes. Do not use dry cloth due to scratches. Use soap and water. Finish cleaning by coating with plastic polish.


Lead acid and Ni-cad battery spills are neutralized with what?

Lead acid spills are neutralized with baking soda and Ni-cad battery spills are neutralized with boric acid.


What is used to clean acrylics and rubber?

Aliphatic Naphtha is used to clean acrylics and rubber


What precaution must be taken when cleaning plastic surfaces?

Precautions that must be taken when cleaning plastic surfaces are using soap and water and first clean with hand to prevent scratches, which can cause crazing.


What is M.E.K?

M.E.K, also known as Methyl Ethyl Ketone, is a solvent cleaner for metal surfaces and a paint stripper.


Kerosene is used to clean what type of parts?

Kerosene is used to clean engine parts.


What is the purpose of material safety data sheets?

The purpose of the material safety data sheets are to inform mechanics about the harmful solvents, or chemicals and how to avoid getting harmed by these harmful chemicals.


What is a liquids flashpoint?

Flash point is the lowest temperature at which a liquid can form an ignitable mixture in air near the surface of the liquid.


What is a stoddard solvent?

A stoddard solvent is the most common petroleum base solvent used in aircraft cleaning. It can be used to remove greases, oils and light soils.


Define trichloroethane

Trichloroethane is a safety solvent used for general cleaning and grease removal. It is nonflammable under ordinary circumstances.


What is used to clean aircraft oxygen systems? Why?

Anhydrous (waterless) ethyl alcohol or isopropyl (anti-icing fluid) alcohol are used to clean aircraft oxygen systems because they do not contain fluids.


What are the three grades of aluminum wool?

coarse, medium and fine