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What is the purpose of precision measuring tools?

to measure the outside and inside dimensions of a part.


Which tool can be used to determine piston pin out of round wear?



What is the purpose of a micrometer?

to measure out of roundness of cylindrical parts, to check for valve stem stretch, and thickness of objects


What is the difference between a standard and a vernier micrometer?

A standard micrometer measures object to an accuracy of one thousandths of an inch (.001) and the vernier micrometer measures objects to an accuracy of ten-thousandths of an inch (.0001).


What is the purpose of a thickness gage?

to determine flatness, and to check gaps between parts.


What is a telescoping gage?

a measuring tool used with a micrometer to measure inside dimensions of holes or bores.


A surface plate and "V" blocks are used for what purpose?

Surface plates provide a flat surface for work inspection and for work layout.

ā€œVā€ Blocks are used to hold cylindrical objects in place to check for roundness.


What is a runout and how is it checked?

the amount the outside surface of one component moves with respect to its original position. It is checked by using a dial indicator as the component is rotating.


How are micrometers and vernier calipers calibrated

with a gauge block.


What is the purpose of a combination set?

to serve as multiple drawing tools a tri-square, ruler, scriber, and a protractor. Three heads are center head, square head and protractor.


What precision measuring tool is used to measure depth?

A depth micrometer


What is the difference between a micrometer and a vernier caliper?

A micrometer measures outside diameter to thousandths of an inch. A vernier caliper measures the inside diameter, outside diameter and depth to ten thousandths of an inch.


How are precision measuring tools cared for?

Never put precision measuring tools together with hand tools. Clean the measuring face of the tool and the surface of the work piece to get an accurate reading. Should be cleaned after use.


How is the bore of a cylinder checked for out of round?

Using a cylinder bore gauge, or a telescoping gauge with the micrometer. Measure the bottom cylinder bore and top cylinder bore and compare them.


What are the different types of calipers and what are their uses?

inside, outside and Hermaphrodite calipers.
inside calipers -inside dimensions.
outside calipers-outside dimensions.
hermaphrodite caliper-a marking gauge in layout work.