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Project planning areas

Project integration
Project time management
Project cost management
Project human resource management
Project quality management
Project risk management
Project communication management
Project scope management
Project procurement management


Project integration

Several knowledge areas brought together as planning- executing- control


Project scope management

Includes all work required and only the work required


Project time management

To ensure timely performance of the project


Project cost management

Project to be completed within the approved budget. Includes resource planning, cost estimates, cost budgeting, cash-flow and cost control


Project quality management

To satisfy the needs and fulfill the objectives. Includes focused measurable objectives, quality planning, quality assurance and quality control.


Project human resource management

Most effective use of people. Includes project organization, staff acquisition and training


Project communication management

Collecting and sharing of information. Securing the decision process with management


Project risk management

Identifying, analyzing and responding to risk. On-going control


Project procurement management

To acquire goods and services from the outside of the project, company, organization. Procurement planning, source selection, contracts


Cost specifics for political campaign management

There are two things that are important in politics. The first is money and I can't remember what the second one is. Mark Hanna
Today's campaigns survive on money
New style campaign
-new players
-new incentives
- new tactics
- new resources


German political party law

Gaining 0.5 percent of the second vote refunded after the election for each year
85 cent per vote for 4mil voters
70 cent per vote above 4 mil voters
Up to 133 mil euro in total in 2009

Party member fee, donations, state contribution (bundeskasse) contributions of parliament members


Budgeting for three steps of gaining votes

1. Cognition/ identification
Awareness of the candidate
2. Affect/ persuasion
Development of opinions about the candidate
3. Evaluation/ decision
Getting the vote


Budgeting campaign cost

Campaign organization: staff, campaigns management, communication director, co-ordinator, volunteers ,regional resources

Campaign finance: finance director, funding and cash-flow, management

Administration: office space, supply/computers, food, merchandising (t-Shirts), Travel

Research/ eg voters list
Media cost


Communication Planung

The Process of determining the information and communication needs and expectations for the project stakeholders, who they are, what is their level of interest and influence on the project, who needs which information, when will they need it and how will it be given to them


Communication model (Mertens)

Sender (journalist, newspaper) who, what, which purpose, social situation

Message (article), how, words, language, context

Receiver ( reader) , acting structures, value system, norms of communication


Statistics before elections are campaigning

Closing social gap
Tax decreases for lower income, tax increases for higher income
Higher taxes for wealthy people
Increased financial support for families with kids
Longer employment for seniors
Women quota for company management


Body language and dress codes as part of communication

Business attire
Presidential style
Tone, body language, personal style

->consistent appearance as a political leader building brand familiarity over time


Project information and control system

Project office -> data capture / data processing -> reports communication -> problem solving, decision making


Project meetings

Conference calls
Virtual meetings
Personal meetings


Project meetings
In general

Sharing of information, data
Problem solving, brainstorming, ideas
Decision making, commitment From project members
Evaluation, monitoring

All meetings guided by project manager


Project meetings
Hand-over meeting

Project charta: objective, scope of work
close-out reports: status and achievements
Instructions, briefings
Payments, contracts
Document, risk issues


Project meeting
Project progress meetings

To monitor progress, discuss next steps, exchange ideas, solve problems


Project risk management

Risk management plan
Risk management
Plan and control
Define objectives
identify risk
quantify risk
Develop response


Risk management
Identification of all known risks

Avoid the risk
Take precautions to prevent or minimize the risk
Accept the risk
Share the risk/ Information flow
Limit the risk/ alternative planning
Transfer the risk

Legal risk prevention
Contract risk prevention
Insurance risk prevention


Project procurement management
Purchasing goods or services

Identify the need -> Project office -> approve and pay the invoice --> specify services or goods, define vendors, check/ choose vendors , contract with vendor(s)
-> operational process, monitor progress, receive and check result
-> approve, finish or new order


Project procurement

Standards in fee and contracts
Procurement transparency
Budget limits
Legal issues
Quality assurance
Mainly related to services, consultants and media in political campaigns
Partly goods with references to administer


Political campaign management

It starts with defining the core values
Political parties as brands
Brand values are changing over time
Consistency and innovation is key


Brand core CDU

Security and stability


Brand core SPD