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Who- understanding different voter groups

Age, income, education, job, family status
Attitude towards political parties
Facts and figures
Segment sizes

Life style, attitude, expectation, belief, opinions, motivations, barriers
Understanding insights, reasons


The fight about the new mainstream/ middle of society - centered just in the middle between left and right

Left -->die Linke / SPD Die Grünen/ FDP /CDU / AfD -> Right


US specific parties left and right

Left: democrats/ socially liberal and progressive
Republicans: American conservatism: respect for tradition, rule of law and Christian religion
American revolution (tea party)
Free enterprise and small government
Individual responsibility


What- themes for campaigning

A good campaign theme?

A carefully crafted merger of what the voters want what the candidate has to offer what the opponent brings to the table.


Definition of themes

Themes should derive from the brand core of parties

CDU security

Appropriate themes (examples)
Stability and growth
Low unemployment rate
Right decisions for the EURO
Standing economically apart from Europe

Stable taxes
Women managing quota
Support of families and married couples (kindergarten)

CDU: we change what burdens and keep what makes us strong


Definition of theme

Themes should derive from the brand core of parties

SPD fairness

Appropriate themes
A fair social balance in Germany (minimum wages and pension with 63 years)
Balancing contribution according to income
Increasing expenses for local communities

Solid finance systems plus growth programs for European

Tax increases
Balancing taxes for rich and poor (closing he gap)

The WE decides!


Themes are getting closer by focus on the middle segment

SPD focus: social, social balance
CDU: economy: secure and free


Definition of themes US specifics

Themes strongly based on voter segmentation
Soccer moms
Security moms
Mortgage moms
Hockey moms of Sarah palin

Segments and clusters beyond left and right
Valid characteristics to move voters by specific themes
Micro targeting


NASCAR dads:

focus on democrats in 2004 election
Men, white, middle- ages, working class or lower middle class, watch over proportionally nascar races, sport, entertainment est. 45 mill


Mortgage Moms

Vorerst whose Sense of well-being is freighted with anxiety about their families financial squeeze
Themes: rising energy prices, softening housing prices


Obama campaign 2012 and the grumpy white man

Strategic minority with the segment of white man (38%)
Focus on majority with latin, black people and women

Romney for a majority with white men -22% over Obama and still lost.

Obama's themes: civil rights, legal rights for immigrants, rights for gay people


Branding principles adapted to political campaigns

Us campaigns adapting rules of commercial branding
A brand identity .. Compromising the full range of attributes that consumers associate with a product or service.

Principles of corporate branding with a basic palette of messages and a specific vocabulary- under a single theme.

Watch out: consistency and message discipline
Authentic with biography of candidate
Credible to needs and desires of voters
Unforeseen incidents- harsh reality
Opponents moves


Differences between Germany and US in political campaigns planning

Global trends on political campaign planning
Strong brand core of each party
Themes deriving from potential voter groups
Simplicity, relevance and authenticity of key message decisive
Trend from rational decision to candidate preference, partly emotional driven
Adapting principles from brand marketing

Consistency, authenticity and credibility is most important.


Strong differences in voter segmentation and accordingly in themes

Target voter groups
Germany: focus on middle of society of all leading parties
Therefore themes becoming more exchangeable
Party profiles are getting closer

Micro targeting with focus in undecided voters
Themes deriving from undecided target segments
Campaigns focus on swing states and on undecided voters


Planning of political campaigns : the planning process is always the same, but there are decisive differences between US and Germany

Definition if the party's core idea
The party: a distinctive message deriving from the party brand core: definition if individual party brand core decisive in US and Germany

Definition of voter potentials
A clearly defined voter group
Focus on middle segment in Germany for all leading parties, less differentiation in themes

Micro targeting in US
Focus in Swing States and undecided voters

Definition of themes
Less differentiation by rational themes, candidate credibility and performance getting more in focus
/ themes more exchangeable
Themes more defined by micro targeting and undecided voters