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All Ceramic Crown: Indications

  • High Esthetic requirement
    • proximal or facial caries, not able to restore with composite 
  • Incisal edge intact
  • Endo treated teeth with posts and cores
  • Favorable distribution of occlusal load
  • Thin Gingival biotype
    • when there ia greater chance for recession and margin exposure
  • no skilled lab tech
    • better esthetics are easier achieved with full ceramic restoration than PFM


All Ceramic Crown: Advantages vs Disadvantages

  • Advantages:
    • esthetic 
    • translucency
    • good tissue response even for subgingival margins
    • maintains highly polished and glazed surface
    • some ceramics can be bonded to tooth structure
  • Disadvantages:
    • reduced strength vs PFM
      • no metal substructure
    • proper prep extremely crucial
    • Brittle material
    • substantial tooth reduction required
    • opposing tooth wear
    • only used as single restortion


All Ceramic Crown: Contraindications

  • more conservative restoration can be used
  • superior strength is needed=PFM
  • extensive caries
  • insufficient coronal tooth structure for support
  • Thin teeth Faciolingually
  • unfavorable distribution of occlusal load
    • brittle material
  • Posterior teeth
    • increased occlusal load
    • decreased esthetic demand
  • Bruxism