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Pediatric Dentistry

  • unique role-provides primary and specialty care
  • only specialty defined by age 


Behavior Guidance

  • necessary tools to adequately and effectively deal with children
  • Observational learning
    • ex: behavior modeling


Behavior Management

  • Pharmacologic intervention
  • manage various levels of anxiety in healthy children who need dental treatment and special needs patients


What are important concepts in pediatric primary care?

  • Dental Home
  • early intervention
  • caries risk assessment


Dental Home

  • ongoing relationship between the dentist and patient
  • includes all aspects of oral health care
  • should be established no later than 1 y.o. 
  • helps child and family to use good oral health practice
  • Addresses 
    • Guidance and prevention
    • acute and comprehensive oral health care
    • referall to dental specialists