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Who and when was Amarna built?

Akhenaten, 18th dynasty


What evidence at Amarna is there for monotheism?

- The boundary Stelea, the instructions for the site after he died
- Paintings in Mekhetaten's tomb
- Hymn to the Aten

Against Monotheism- workers village


What offerings were there at Amarna?

- 1,800 offering tables at the great temple to Aten
- Meri Ra's tomb, priest... lots of paintings relevant to offerings
- The graneries, 4 in workmens village.. too much for people
- Cowbones and horns found outside the great temple, as well as the instruments used to slaughter them


What Art was there at Amarna?

- Tomb paintings.. equality and family
- Nefertiti depicted same size as Akenhaten
- Aten's hands spread out to embrace people
- Elongated figures show break from polytheism.. throne of Tutankhamun
- North Palace scenes- birds and nature


Explain the significance of the GREAT TEMPLE to Aten

- Orientation different to Karnak.. west to east
- Sancutary.. open to sky which means sun rises over sanctuary it was LARGE
- Lack of preservation to mud brick- rely on paintings and aerial photography