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When was the pyramid built and who by?

2667-2648 BC
- for Djoser by Imhotep


Who was Djoser?

King of the 3rd Dynasty


What is he reffered to in the tomb?

His horus name


How many mastabas does the tomb consist of, and how tall is the pyramid?

6 mastabas of decreasing size - 62m tall


What is this tomb important?

Indicates that Egyptian religious and ritual ideas were now fully developed- paved the way for later pyramids


What axis is it built on?

North- south (nile direction) not east-west (sun)


How many doors does the tomb have, and how many for the living?

14 in total- only one for the living. The other 13 were for the kings Ka to use as portals for life to the afterlife


What is significant about the Heb-sed festival territorial markers being in the south court?

It shows that the king continued to renew his powers and benefit from the ritual in the afterlife


Who was the south tomb for?

It was for his ka or the canopic jars, not him as the burial chamber was far too small to hold the body


What was the purpose of the pyramid?

To facilitate a succesful afterlife for the king so that he could be eternally reborn and to represent the monumental symbol of the crown. Also it is though that it facilitated the king's ascension to join the eternal north star


What was the north temple for?

Daily rituals- on the north side of the pyramid because it faced the north stars where the king would be for eternity