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Who was Nebamun?

An account in the temple of Amun at karnak


When was the tomb dated?

Last years of the reign of Amenhotep III 1350 BC


Who discovered the tomb and when?

Giovanni d'Athanasi- Greek in 1820


Where is it located?

Not known but believed to be somewhere on the west bank of thebes - Giovanni the only one who knew


What is in the outer room (left view) ?

Paintings of offerings to Nebamun


What is the purpose of the paintings in the outer room (right view) ?

The purpose of the scenes is thought to emphasize the personality of Neb, and to commemorate it through eternity into the afterlife


What is significant about the painting of the feast in honour of nebamun?

- The lyrics of the song played by the musicians are in honour of Nebamun --> the earth god has caused his beauty to grow in every body


What is significant about the family paintings in the inner tomb?

Represent family role in religion --> Nebamun shown hunting birds with wife Hatepshut and daugter
- fertile marshes were seen as a place of rebirth
- hunting animals shows triumph over nature