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Geralds description and age

“An attractive chap about thirty, rather too manly to be a dandy but
very much the easy well-bred young man-about-town”


The parents agree with gerald to make sure he marries sheila

“Well, it came just at the right moment. That was clever of you,


Again agreeing with Mr.Birlings choice to fire Eva

“You couldn’t have done anything else” (sacking Eva Smith)


Gerald not wanting the blame on the rich but on the working class instead

“After all, y’know, we’re respectable citizens and not criminals”


Gerald trying to take charge on sheila

(about Sheila): “She’s obviously had about as much as she can stand”


Gerlad treating sheila like a child

“Why should you [stay]? It’s bound to be unpleasant and disturbing”


Gerlad calls Eva a prostitute

“It’s a favourite haunt of women of the town”


Gerlad knew he had to help Eva

‘[Daisy] gave me a glance that was nothing less than a cry for help”


Gerlad really just wanted to help Eva out and not use her for love

“I insisted on Daisy moving into these rooms and I made her take some
money to keep her going there...I want you to understand that I didn’t
install her there so I could make love to her...I was sorry for her...I
didn’t ask for anything in return”


Gerald describing Eva

“She was young and pretty and warm-hearted- and intensely grateful. I
became at once the most important person in her life- you understand"?


Gerald being a light in Evas life

“She told me she’d been happier than she’d ever been before”


Gerald saying that any responsible man would help a women in need

“Nearly any man would have done” (adored being ‘fairy prince’)


Gerlad understanding that the Inspector wans't real

“That man wasn’t a police officer...I’m almost certain”


Gerlad trying to ignore the suicide and trying to find loopholes

“But how do you know it’s the same girl? ... We’ve no proof it was the
same photograph and therefore no proof it was the same girl”


Gerlad trying to go back to the way things were with sheila

“Everything’s all right now Sheila. What about this ring?”