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Vertebral artery

- supplies cervical spinal cord and brain
- branches from subclavian artery
- neck rotation may compromise the vertebral artery, especially between C1 and C2
- excessive rotation to the right kinks the left vertebral artery
- verterbal artery dissection is rare but is a leading cause of stroke in young person


Cervical spinal nerves supply

- neck
- diaphragm
- upper limb
- skin on back of scalp


What is in the floor of the suboccipital triangle

- posterior arch of atlas
- vertebral artery
- posterior ramus of C1


Compression test

- compresses IVF, facets and may increase pain associated with muscle spasms
- may reproduce the upper limb referred pain and help localise the neurological level of the existing pathology


Distraction test

- relieves pain due to narrowing of IVF
- also relieves C spine pain


Vertebral canal

- houses spinal cord and nerve roots
- it can be compromised
- neck hyperextension reduces the AP diameter and combined with degenerative changes or trauma and a congenitally small canal, increased risk of neurological damage


Pain referral

- Headaches - C1-3
- Shoulder pain - C1-8
- Upper limb pain - C5-8


Spurling maneuver

- hyperextension and flexion of neck ipsilateral to the side of lesion cause radicular pain in neck and down the affected arm


C spine injury

- dislocation (with or without tear of ligament)
- crush or compression fracture
- hyperextension with degenerative change
- burst fracture
- herniated disc