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Paticipation and actibity

- participation is contingent upon an ability to perform activities
- activity is the execution of a task or action by an individual
- to perform an activity, you need a body and an environment


Environmental factors

- products and technology
- attitudes
- services, systems and policies
- natural environment and human made changes
- support and relationships


Body level factors

- cardiorespiratory
- renovascular
- genitourinary
- reproductive
- MSK, senses
- metabolic, endocrine
- GI, Skin
- hematological, immune



- domestic life
- self care
- communication
- mobility
- general tasks and demands
- civic, social and community life
- interpersonal interactions and relationships
- learning and applying knowledge



A loss of abnormality of body structure or of a physiological or psychological function


Rehabilitation - definition

- a goal-oriented and time-limited process aimed at enabling an impaired person to reach an optimum mental, physical and/or social functional level, thus providing her or him with the tools to change her or his own life
- can involve measures intended to compensate for a LOF and other measures to facilitate social adjustment