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The word used to describe a family of rulers is a:
[a] pyramid
[b] pharaoh
[c] dynasty

(C) Dynasty.


What was the Ancient Egyptian process for preserving bodies called?

Embalming, the use of spices and salts to preserve a dead body or
Mummification, the preservation of bodies by drying them, packing them with minerals and wrapping them in linen cloths


What was the pharaohs job?

•the Nile flooded as required
•people had enough food to eat
•the gods looked kindly on them
•Egypt’s army could defend it against any enemies
•truth, or Ma’at, was at the heart


What is an intermediate period?

•Egypt’s main government was weak and unable to control its economic resources
•local rulers were more powerful and often competed with one another

•Egypt might also be threatened by powers outside its own borders and non-Egyptians may have occupied part of the country.