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Were does the word history come from?

The greek word historia meaning learning by inquiry.


What are four things historians do?

Ask questions
Collecting information
Searching for clues (sources) that may produce evidence
Develop theories.


What is a source?

Sources are written and non-written items that can provide information about the past.


What do Anthropologists, Cryptographers, Scientific experts, Linguists, Palaeontologists do?

Study human development, including human origin, behaviour, and physical, social and cultural development.
Cryptographerse Study, create and decipher codes and writing systems.
Scientific experts
Scientific experts Use the sciences (especially chemistry and biology) and scientific methods (e.g. DNA analysis) to provide evidence about such things as artefacts or human remains and check their authenticity.
Linguists Study the nature and structure of language, how it has changed over time and the language styles used in certain types of documents and in particular time periods.
Palaeontologists Investigate plant and animal fossils to study the biology of past life forms to work out such things as how the Earth has evolved over time and the nature of plants and animals that have become extinct in the process.o


What is Dendrochronology?

Dendrochronology, or tree-ring dating, is based on the fact that the timbers of a tree develop a new ring of growth each year.


What is TL dating?

Heating objects to very high temperatures and then measuring the light energy the objects give off. The greater the amount of light given off, the older the object is.


What is THE most preserved human body found?

Ötzi the Ice Man


What made Ötzi important in his time?

His copper axe.


What is the difference between primary and secondary source?

A primary source is something made or written during the time period you are investigating.
A secondary source is something made or written after the event.


What makes up a good website?

Clear lay out, no ads, no typos, link to other trustworthy websites, can contact composer.


What is stratigraphy?

Archaeologists use stratigraphy to help them work out how an archaeological site has changed over time.


What is Radiocarbon Dating or Carbon Dating?

After an organism has died and no longer absorbs carbon from the atmosphere, carbon-14 gives out radiation and gradually changes to nitrogen-14. The amount of carbon-14 left can be used like a clock to measure long periods of time.