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Queen Anne

Daughter of James II and sister of James and Mary. She was next to succeeded after Mary died in 1994. William stll held sovereignty. She wasn't very much interested in government because she spent most of the time carrying for her sickly children. All of her children died as an infant or miscarried.


Who was Queen Anne's Cheif Minister?

John Churchill - Duke of Malbrough. Trust military advisor of William after the fight with James II. Except it was believed that even John had secret terms with James like others. After the death of William, Churchill became the brains. Churchill and his wife rules in Queen so to speak. It is believe that Lady Marlbrough lacked regard for Anne's feeling, not even addressing her as queen in private.


War of Spanish Succession

King of Spain died and Louis XIV wanted his grandson to become king. Most of Europe was involved as time carried on
John Churchill was the general that defeated Louis XIV


Battle of Blenheim - 1704

In Austria, allies of England against Louis XIV. Major battle in Spanish Succession. The overwhelming Allied victory ensured the safety of Vienna from the Franco-Bavarian army, thus preventing the collapse of the Grand Alliances. Realising the danger, the Duke of Marlborough resolved to alleviate the peril to Vienna by marching his forces south from Bedburg to help maintain Emperor Leopold within the Grand Alliance.


Act of Union 1707

United Scotland & England under parliament "Kingdom of Great Britain".
- Scotland could send 45 members to parliament House of Commons
- Scotland could send 16 members to parliament in House of Lords


Treaty of Utrecht 1713

Ended wat on Spanish Successin.