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The Bill of Rights

Passed in 1689, based on John Loche's philosophy,
1. Muse be Anglican; not Catholics
2. Share power with parliament
3. Not absolute


Toleration Act of 1689

Gives toleration to ALL protestants (non- anglican)
- if they believe in the trinity


William III and Mary

Mary being the rightful queen, daughter of King James II, she married William III. Joint in sovereignty. He needed England's military to fight King Louis XIV


Battle of Boyne - 1690

William III v. James II
The throne of England would be at risk of if James got a hold over Ireland. William went to Ireland to take control. In July, he and James II fought and William won, resulting in James fleeing France


Treaty of Limerick- 1691

The Treaty of Limerick ended the Williamite War in Ireland between the Jacobites and the supporters of William of Orange and concluded the Siege of Limerick. The treaty really consisted of two treaties, both of which were signed on 3 October 1691.
Outlined the treatment of catholics (no participation in government) and no trade with England


Bank of England

First national bank of Europe established under his reign
In those days, people deposited their funds witht he London goldsmiths, who has a strong vault and high reputation of honesty. London needed a safer way though and also an easily accessible way to deposit and retrieve money for business that was developing in England. Also as the war continues, more money would be needed . William Patterson introduced an idea that would serve the needs and add advantages. His plan constructed the Back of England in 1694.