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Anorexia population

12-30 yo F at onset


Forms of Anorexia Nervosa

Restrictive Type v. Binge Purging type


Anorexia Restrictive Type is

when during the last 3 mon the pt has not binged purge. Weight loss is accomplished by diet, fasting, or excessive exercise


Anorexia Binge Purge type is

when during the last 3 mon the pt has engaged in recurrent binge purging episodes (self induces vomiting, misuse of laxative, diuretics or enemas


Anorexia Binge episode is

uncontrolled, compulsive, rapid ingestion of large quantities of food in a very sytematic way


Anorexia Purging episode is

to rid the body of excessive calories by self induced vomiting, misuse laxatives, diuretics, enemas


Anorexia Nervosa Risk Factors

genetics, neuroendocrine d/o, neurochemical (depression), psychodynamic, family


Anorexia Nervosa physiologic factors

serotonin and dopamin are both down; brain with this d/o may not release blanced amounts of neurotransmitters


Anorexia Nervosa Clinical Manifestation

Emanciated, skeletal muscle atrophy, loss of adipose tissue, breast tissue atropy, hypothermic, lanugo peach fuzz d/t endocrine anomaly, thinning hair or alopecia, dry skin and brittle nails, decreased HR and low BP, constipation, joint swelling/edema


Anorexia Nervosa personality

compulsive exercise habits; over preoccupation with food calories; body dysmorphia; perfectionism and obsessive need to control


Anorexia Nervosa Treatment Goals

restore nutritional status; reasonable weight maintenance (gain and keep an ounce); reestablish normal eating behavior


Anorexia Nervosa Prognosis

this d/o comes and goes


Anorexia Nervosa Treatment in a Treatment Facility

psychotherapy; cognitive behavioral therapy; reasonable diet with or without liquid supplements; vitamin and mineral supplements; activity curtailment; SSRIs


Anorexia Nervosa Highlights

more common in teens; intense fear of obesity; feels fat when thin; avoids eating; refusal to maintain body weight; amenorrhea