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Hydroxyprogesterone (Makena)

Synthetic progestin
Reduces preterm labor.
Initiate between the 16th and 20th week of gestation and ending at the 37th week of gestation or birth.
Pregnancy Category: B


Hydralazine hydrochloride (Apresoline)

Direct vasodilator; dilates arterioles with little effect on vein; decreases systemic resistance, which subsequently decreases blood pressure.
Pregnancy category: C
Lactation: Excreted in breast milk; use caution


Methyldopa (Aldomet)

Methyldopa may lower blood pressure by stimulating central inhibitory alpha-adrenergic receptors, false neurotransmission, and/or reduction of plasma renin activity.
Pregnancy Category: B
Lactation: distributed in breast milk but not in clinically significant amounts; compatible w/ breastfeeding


Calcium gluconate

Bone mineral component; cofoactor in enzymatic reactions, essential for neurotransmission, muscle contraction, and many signal transduction pathways
Pregnancy category: C
Lactation: Calcium enters human milk; use with caution


Betamethasone (Celestone)

Potent glucocorticoid with minimal to no mineralocorticoid activity.
Pregnancy Category: C
Lactation: systemically administered corticosteroids enter breast milk and could suppress growth, interfere with endogenous corticosteroid production, or cause other effects; use with caution


Misoprostol (Cytotec)

Synthetic prostaglandin E analogue parent drug that is rapidly deesterified to misoprostol acid (active metabolite) and replaces protective prostaglandins consumed with therapies that inhibit prostaglandin synthesis
Pregnancy category: X


Magnesium sulfate

Indicated to prevent seizures associated with pre-eclampsia, and for control of seizures with eclampsia.
Depresses CNS, blocks peripheral neuromuscular transmission, produces anticonvulsant effects; decreases amount of acetylcholine released at end-plate by motor nerve impulse.
Pregnancy category: D
Lactation: Safe



Cancer drug, will terminate pregnancy


Labetolol (Normodyne)

Action: Produces falls in B/P
Use: severe pre-eclampsia when delivery imminent
Pregnancy - class C
Contraindicated CHF


Nifedipine (Procardia)

Calcium-channel blocker.Vasodilation with decreased peripheral resistance and increased heart rate.
Pregnancy category: C


Ritrodrine hydrochloride (Yutopar)

Intravenous ritodrine is indicated in the treatment of preterm labor in patients with a pregnancy of 20 or more weeks' gestation.
beta-2–adrenergic agonist, relaxes the uterus


Terbutaline (Brethine)

Beta adrenergic agonist

Premature labor-action relaxes uterine muscle