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External Abdominal Oblique

Large portion of the superifical abdominal trunk musculature
Location: muscles that orginate as finger like digitations from the lower eight ribs on either side
Upper four projections of the eternal oblique intertwine with fibers of the serratus anterior, and lower four projectons are joined by fibers of the massive latissimus dorsi muscles of he back


Pectoralis Major (location)

Locations: muscles arise from the medial half of the clavicle, the manubrium and body of the sternum and the costal cartilages of the upper six ribs to insert upon the lateral lip of the intertubercular (bicipital) groove of the humerus


Pectoralis Major (function)

Function: act to adduct, flex and rotate the arm medially


Deltoid (function)

Forming the roundness of the shoulders are these dense muscles with anterior fibers
Three separate actions


Deltoid (Location)

Originates from the lateral third of the clavicle, as well as posterior fibers that arise from the acromion process and spine of the scapula. Tapers to a single point of insertion upon the deltoid tuberosity of the humerus.


Deltoid ( anterior fibers function)

anterior fibers assist the pectoralis major in flexion of the arm,


Deltoid (Posterior fibers function)

the posterior fibers assist the latissimus dorsi in extension of the arm


Deltoid (acromial fibers function)

while the acromial fibers abduct the arm once this action has been initated by the supraspinatus muscle


Internal Abdominal Oblique

Location deep to the external abdominal oblique, contain fibers running at nearly 90 degrees to the external on each side


Transverse Abdominis

Location: deepest of these abdominal wall muscles, running horizontally from the costal cartilages of the lowest six ribs and iliac crest to the linea alba


Linea Alba

MIdline band of dense white connective tissue


Rectus Abdominis Muscles

Extend from the pubic symphysis and crest of the pubis to the xiphoid process of the sternum and cartilages of rib pairs 5, 6 and 7.
Includes tendinous intersections that end medially at the linea alba, often dividing the muscles in six bundles (Six pack)


Four abdominal muscles

External, internal transverse and rectus abdominis
Act together to compress the abdomen and help support the abdominal viscrea


Pectoralis Minor

Location: deep to the pectoralis major
Aris from ribs 3, 4 and 5 and attach to the coracoid process of the scapula on each side
Function: acting to pull the shoulders forward


Sternocleidomastoid and Stenohyoid muscles

Location: originate from the manubrium of the sternum and the medial portion of the clavicle


Trapezius Muscle

Location: upper end of the deltoid muscle is said to extend above the clavicle into the neck


Biceps Brachii muscle

Location: arise from the scpula by two heads (Short head from the coracoid process, and the long head from the supraglenoid tuberosity)
Inserts upon the radial tuberosity of the radius thereby acting acorss two joints, (Shoulder and elbow)
Function: Flex both joints and supinate the hand