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The leg

Composed of two long bones
Tibia: larger, medial
Fibula: more delicate, lateral


Synovial hinge joint of the knee

Formed btwn the medial and lateral condyles of the femur
Meeting the medial and lateral condyles of the tibia


Medial and Lateral Menisci

Location: located btwn the condyles of the femur and tibia
Function: c-shaped dense fibrous pads, Assists in rotation of the knee and serves to spread synovial fluid within the joint


Intercondylar Eminence

Location: btwn the tibial condyles
Function: attaches to the cruciate ligaments to provide stability in the knee joint.


The tibia

Th weight bearing bone of the leg transmitting force btwn the femur and ankle.


The fibula

Attaches muscles of the leg, it articulates only with the tibia and does not form a joint with the femur.


Tuberosity of the tibia

Location: below the condyles of the tibia,
Function: prominent roughly triagnular, receives the tendon of the quadriceps femoris muscle via the patella ligament.


Crest of the Tibia

Location: sharp anterior border
Function: subcutaneous (Directly below the skin)


Interosseous Borer

Both on the tibia and fibula
Function: attachment for the interosseous membrane, contains oblique fibers, sloping down from the tibia towards the fibula.


Interosseous membrane (function)

Permits attachment of various muscles found in the anterior leg


Head of the fibula

Above the interosseous membrane,
Function: articulates with the lateral condyle of the tibia, form a gliding joint that is strengthened by surrounding ligaments of the kne joint.


Medial Malleolus

Location: distal end of the tibia is expanded to form the prominent
Function: articulates with the talus bone of the ankle. Forms the major segment of the ankle joint


Lateral Malleolus

Location: expanded dista end of the fibula



Function: embrace the ankle joint on either side, thereby preventing undesirable side to side movement,


Talus of the ankle

Receives the entire weight of the body from the femur and tibia, redistributing this force posteriorly to the calcaneus and anteriorly to the ball of the foot.