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Upper and Lower Extremities

Consist of sixty bones


Upper Extremity

Begins with the humerus and its attachment to the scapula at the shoulder joint, with the top of this joint formed in part by the union of the scapula to the clavicle


Head of the Humerus

Location: Proximal end of the humerus, lies in the glenoid fossa of the scapula
Function: Forming a loose and freely movable joint
At least 3X the size of the glenoid fossa of the scapula, making dislocation of the shoulder a common injury


Shoulder Joint

The advantage of the large head and small fossa in the shoulder joint is that this permits a tremendous range of motion not possible at other ball and socket joint locations


Anatomical Neck

Slightly narrowed part of the humerus


Greater Tubercle

Widens below the anatomical neck laterally


Lesser TUbercle

Location: Widens below the anatomical neck anteriorly
Function: the attachment of powerful shoulder muscles


Intertubercular (Bicipital) Groove

Location: Anterior surface of the humerus, situated btwn the greater and lesser tubercules is a long, narrow sulcus
Function: Houses the tendon of the long head of the biceps brachii muscle


Surgical Neck

Location: Below the tubercles, the humerus narrows
Function: Frequent site of fractures


Deltoid Tuberosity

Location: Above the midpoint of the humerus
Function: The insertion of the deltoid muscle


The distal end of the humerus

Expanded to form the atriculations for the elbow joint


Medial Epicondyle

Location: Medial Distal Surface
Function: Origin of several muscles, that act to flex the wrist and fingers


Lateral Epicondyle

Location: Lateral surface
Function:The origin of several muscles that act to extend the wrist and fingers


Trochlea (Pulley) `

Location: Medial end of the humerus
Function: The actual elbow joint, formed by joining the trochlea with the ulna


Capitulum (Little head)

Location: More lateral end of the humerus
Function: Joins the head of radius with the enlarged upper end of the ulna (Olecranon process) extending into the olecranon fossa of the humerus


Union of the head of the radius with the capitulum of the humerus

Function: Allows rotation of the radius and hence the hand in pronation and supination



Palm move posteriorly out of the anatomical position



Palm moved anterioly, back to the anatomical position


Lateral Supracondylar Ridge

Location: Extends above the lateral epicondyle
Function: Serves as the bony origin for the powerful brachioradialis muscle.