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If ENG ANTI-ICE on and a blue COWL VALVE OPEN light on, what position is the valve in?

It has failed in the closed position. Avoid icing conditions.


If the ENG ANTI-ICE switch is off and the blue COWL VALVE OPEN light is on, what has happned?

The valve has failed in the open position. If TAT is 10C or above, thrust on the affected engine should be limited to 80% N1 if possible.


If a window heat OVERHEAT light comes on and you have turned off the switch, how long should you wait to bring it back on?

2-5 minutes.


If a window heat switch is off, limit airspeed to _____ knots max below _______ feet due to loss of strength of the window.

250 kts, 10,000 feet.


If a WING ANTI-ICE valve has failed open and the TAT is above 10C or there is no visible moisture, what can you do?

close the wing isolation valve and turn the associated side pack OFF and the engine bleed side off on that side too.