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why is selective toxicity more difficult for viruses v. bacteria?

- viruses use host cell machinery = fewer difference b/w host and virus cell parts = fewer targets to go after


difficulties in developing antiviral drugs

- wide spectrum of heterogeneous agents
- few viral proteins and fewer host proteins have turned out to be useful drug targets
- antivirals usually effective against only a few viruses = difference from antibacterials


3 indications for acyclovir

- mucocutaneous herpetic lesions
- genital herpes lesions
- prophylaxis in AIDS and other IC pts


2 blood-related adverse effects of ganciclovir

- leukopenia = low leukocytes in blood
- thrombocytopenia = low platelets in blood


what can you monitor to determine duration of foscarnet action?

- check creatinine, BUN, and ions weekly if therapy is used


major toxicity of zanamavir and who should it NOT be prescribed to

- major toxicity = bronchospasm and decline in respiratory function
- so don't give to pts w/ an airway disease i.e. asthma, COPD