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When shall DAILY MAINTENANCE apparatus pre checks be performed?

At the beginning of each shift or any time there's a change of relief as driver.


Who is ultimately responsible for the condition of apparatus?

The station commander


When shall an apparatus pre-check be performed?

At the beginning of each shift, any time relief is made, any time the apparatus or equipment is used.


At what temperature should the engine coolant be maintained at when not being run?

Above 120 degrees


For weekly maintenance, how long shall the AC be run for?

Once a week for at least 10 minutes


What shall be done for monthly maintenance of joints not equipped with a zerk fitting?

Apply a light coat of engine oil


When checking the priming pump, what shall be the minimum vacuum?

Minimum 20" of mercury


At what tread depth shall tires be replaced?

Replace at 4/32"


How often shall the filter of the air compressor be cleaned?



According to Book 8, How often shall frontline apparatus lubrication, oil, and oil filter changes be performed?

*not what we do

Lubricate every 4 months or 2000 miles

Change oil and filter every 4 months or 4000 miles


How often shall RESERVE apparatus be lubricated and have its oil and filter changed?

Lubricate every 4 months or 2000 miles

change oil every 6 months or 4000 miles

Change oil filter every 12 months


When shall appointments be made for preventative maintenance on apparatus?

Approximately 500 miles before the due mileage


When pulled by hand, how much should the brake arm of the slack adjusters move while the brakes are released?

Not more than 1"


How do you check for steering play?

With the engine running turn wheel in both directions. Wheel should not turn more than 10 degrees or 2" in either direction without the wheel moving


Explain the COLA test

C cut in- With engine idling reduce pressure until compressor cuts in. No lower than 85psi
O cut out- turn on high idle until compressor cuts out. Between 110-120. Max of 130.
L leaks- turn off the engine. With parking breaks released apply service break for 1 minute. Air psi should not drop more than 3 psi for single vehicles and 4 psi for combination vehicles.
A alarm- alarm activates between 55-75 psi


According to the driver training manual, when checking for excess play for a 20" steering wheel, the play shall not exceed how many inches?

2" of play before wheels move