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What should you do first?

Split pastry in two and roll one out big enough to cover a 20cm flan dish. Trim edges of the pastry then add stewed apples and a sprinkling of granulated sugar.


What should you do to the second piece of pastry?

Roll it out. Then moisten the edges of the bottom pastry in the dish and place the second on top.


How do you seal the two pastries together?

Press the edges together then flute the edges with fork prongs. You should also trim excess pastry.


After putting on the top, what should you do?

Prick the surface of pastry lightly then bake for 20-30 minutes.


How do you know it's cooked?

It'll wobble and move only slightly.


How should you finish?

Place on a serving plate then dust with caster sugar.


What ingredients do you need and how much?

Shortcrust pastry
3 large Bramley apples, chopped stewed and cooled
Granulated sugar
Caster sugar