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What is man according to Aristotle?

Man is a political animal


What does Aristotle mean by saying we are political animals?

We are not self-sufficient, relational. We desire for order/ We are distinguished from animals by our speech and reason


What is Aristotle’s definition of the state?

Aristotle’s definition of the state is a community of people under a law seeking the common good. It is formed from a family unit and it pursues the highest good.


What is Aristotle’s view of slavery and why?

There are two types of slaves: by law, by nature


What is Aristotle’s definition of a citizen?

A citizen is one who has the power to take part in the deliberative and judicial administration of that state.


Aristotle believed that a good person and a good citizen are the same?

No, a good person has virtue a good citizen has to be loyal to the constitution.


What are the six kinds of possible states?

They are ruled by one, many, all. The good our: monarchy, aristocracy, Constitution. The bad are: Tyranny, oligarchy, democracy.