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Police can only arrest those...

Who are involved or suspected of involvement in a crime,and only if there are reasonable grounds for believing that an arrest is necessary.


Reasons why an arrest might be necessary are given under?

Code G


On arrest the suspect must be told?

He or she is under arrest and why (s.28)
He or she must then be cautioned (Code C)
Taken to the police station as soon as practicable
Only reasonable force may be used


What must occur after arrest?

A record should be made at the time of arrest or as soon as possible afterwards, noting the nature and circumstances of the offence leading to the arrest,the reason why the arrest was considered necessary,the fact that a caution was given and anything said by the person at the time of arrest:

The information will then be recorded in the custody record on arrival at the station (Code G)


Search after arrest

The custody officer will make a record of the suspects property on arrival at the station (under s.54)
The police can only remove things that they reasonably believe individuals may use to cause physical injury to themselves or others, to damage property, to interfere with evidence, to assist the suspect to escape or are reasonably believed to be evidence
(PACE s.54)