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S 2 (3) police must give D..

Name, number, station, reason for search: if not search would be unlawful Goman v DPP


S.2 (2) police must ask anyone stopped

If PC is not in uniform, identification must be provided to give their babe, address and decline their ethnicity


S.3 (1) police must make a written record

Police must provide a written record following the search which must be done at the time unless exceptional circumstances.


Section 60 A A 65 POA 1994

Provides a method of disguises. Can be used to receive removal of ski masks, balaclavas or hoods


S.2 (9) PACE

Police can only remove outer coat, jacket and gloves and code A requires that the suspect can no taken to a nearby place out of the public view if the police require the removing of any other clothing.
The significance of headgear (e.g religious reasons- Muslim women, Sikh men, Sikh or Hindu women or Raskavarians). A police officer cannot order the removal of a head or face covering except where there is a reason to believe that the item is being worn by the individual wrong or mainly for the purpose of disguising identity.