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How is Bonwill's triangle incorporated into the articulator? (pg 54)

Leg length of 100 mm connecting the midpoint of the condyles with the incisal point and thus fixing the intercondylar distance. This forms an angle of approx 25 (open in the posterior direction) to the masticatory plane (Balkwill's angle)


What is the radius of curvature of the condylar path?

Fixed at a radius of 12.5 mm in all Artex articulators (can be adjusted with glenoid fossa inserts)

If just a straight condylar path, you may have a condylar error of .2 mm error at 2nd molar


What is the adjustment range for the angle of condylar inclination?

-20 to 0 to 60


What is the range of Bennett angle adjustment? (pg 55)

0 to 20 degrees in all Artex articulators


What is the range of immediate side shift (aka Bennett movement)? (pg 55)

Trick question - no immediate side shift feature


Four drawbacks to non-arcon articulator (Artex CT is non-arcon)

1. Increasing vertical dimension/raising the incisal pin changes the condylar inclination but the condylar inclination is actually realized on the lower bow (not like the upper as in human anatomy) - can get up to an 8 degree difference in arc of closure
2. Variations in anatomic condyle form and guidance cannot be reproduced in this articulator
3. Cannot reproduce immediate side shift
4. Does not correspond to human anatomy - not the best tool to understand masticatory organ simulation


Advantages to non-arcon articulators (pg 76)

1. Complete opening of the upper bow
2. Support of articulator in tipped back position
Possibly others


What reference point did you use to articulate your casts?

Rotofix arbitrary - in accordance with instructions from manufacturer
- Transfers to a comparability upright cast without a steep inclination as you would get with Frankfort or flat as with Camper's plane


How did you obtain CR records?

Dawson's bimanual manipulation - no pressure applied while guiding the movement