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What is Bonwill's Triangle?

4-inch equilateral triangle connecting the mandibular central incisors to each condyle

Bonwill 1858


What is Pound's Triangle?

Triangle from mesial proximal contact of mandibular canine to the buccal and lingual aspects of the retromolar pad

Used as a guide to position the lingual surfaces of the posterior teeth

Pound 1951


What is Fischer's angle?

Angle formed by the intersection of the protrusive and mediotrusive condylar paths when viewed from sagittal plane

Fischer 1926


What is Bennett angle?

Angle formed between sagittal plane and the average path of the advancing mediotrusive viewed in horizontal plane


What did Tallgren talk about?

Resorption of mand anterior ridge is 4x greater than max ridge

Tallgren 1972


Hanau's Formula?

L = H/8 + 12

That means once you have your protrusive record (horizontal inclination), you can calculate your lateral condylar setting