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Lucy Bennett


dance company that performs artificial things

Stopgap Dance Company


choreographic intent

Life’s limitations

Finding a resolution

The gaze of the other

Constricted within a snow globe

surrender to the fact that we all have to live with individual regrets


choreographic approach

Lucy Bennett uses a collaborative approach
dancers actively contribute to the process through choreographic tasks that Bennett initiates.
Much of the material from scene three has been driven by Laura Jones’ movement in her wheelchair and has been translated by the standing dancers David and Amy


choreographic stimulus

An image of an isolated figure perched on a collapsed wheelchair in a snow-covered landscape – viewed from afar as if through a snow globe

Paintings by Goran Djurovic

Dancers' personal experiences


performance environment

Proscenium arch



4 dancers (2 male + 2 female)



a futuristic atmosphere acknowledging that time had passed and that the old ways had broken down.
He used the whole of the piano both inside and out to create a cold, ambient sound.
He also used the sound of the paper snow and incorporated other sound effects such as a distant rumble, wind and footsteps through snow.
Elements of the song ‘The Sunshine of Your Smile’ were mixed into the atmosphere often sounding distorted or as if drifting in on the wind.
The final section uses the full version of the song.



Amber side lights: used when Dave is watching from afar as well as around the virtine during the family portraits

Blue wash: during the quartet there is a cold blue wash on stage

White pools of light: on the floor



Artificial Thingsconsists of three scenes.
The first scene depicts the underlying tension between the characters, and the second scene is exciting but violent, where the characters seek liberation from the suffering austerity. This leads to a tragedy, and scene three is its aftermath, where the characters are more pensive.

1) duet
2) duet
3) trio
4) family freeze frames
5) David's song solo



Gender specific: men have trousers or shorts and shirts, the women have a dress/ blouse with trousers

Colour: all have variation of the same idea, streaked paint/ colour either blue or green but the trousers/shorts are grey

Change in costume: earlier in the performance the dancers have different clothes on top (jackets/jumpers) and Dave later wears a blazer


dance style

Inclusive contemporary dance