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4 components of a compressor valve are?

- Seat
- Guard
- Sealing Element
- Assembly Elements


Valve lift refers to:

Valve lift is defined as the distance the valve sealing elements move from closed to fully open.


Too much valve lift refers to:

Too high a lift will cause premature valve failure due to impact fatigue. Too low a lift will result in excessive gas velocity through the valve, high losses, and consequently inefficiency.


3 advantages to synthetic sealing elements:

- lighter weight to reduce impact and ring and seat wear
- limited damage to other compressor components in the event of a ring breakage
- reduced noise level


Added advantages of a V shaped sealing element:

- better flow
- smoother flow path
- less turbulence, does not get as dirty with its smoother surface


Wich valve has the least restriction to flow?

The ring valve allows for the least restriction to flow. Since there are no flow reducing webs, as found in the plate style valve.


Of the two valve, intake and exhaust. Which one generally needs to be replaced more often?

Exhaust valve due to high pressure @ discharge.


Dampened disc valves are suitable for _______ applications?

high speed


What are poppet valves a good choice?

Well suited to applications where there is condensate or other liquids in the gas stream.


What is a good practice when one spring in a set shows wear?

Replace the set


3 measurements on a channel valve

- lift check
- side clearance
- end clearance


What is a common way in the field to check if a valve is sealing?

Field testing of valves often involves performing a simple liquid leak test of the valve. Fill the valve with WW fluid and observe the rate of flow.


1 cause of excessive rod load? (pertaining to valves)

Installing a discharge valve backwards or mixing up suction and discharge valves could cause excessive rod loading.