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Module - Cross Dial Alignment.
Module Review
2  cards
Module - Oxy-Fuel Equipment & Procedures Part A
What class of fire extinguisher w...,
What class of fire extinguisher w...,
What class of fire extinguisher w...
25  cards
Module - Oxy-Fuel Equipment & Procedures Part B
Flat faced fittings found on some...,
One use of a carburizing flame is...,
A strongly oxidizing flame is use...
19  cards
Module - Lubrication - Part A
The 3 types of friction are,
What is friction,
What are 3 negative effects of fr...
28  cards
Module - Lubrication - Part B
Proper level of lubricant in a ro...,
Movement of oil in a wick feed oi...,
A measure of grease stiffness is ...
32  cards
Quiz - Lubrication
The measure of oil s ability to f...,
The lubrication entry point for a...,
Of the following which lubricatio...
17  cards
Assignment - Lubrication
List the three kinds of friction ...,
Which type of friction would prod...,
What is the definition for viscosity
12  cards
Assignment - Compressor #1
Name two types of positive displa...,
How can you increase the pressure...,
What opens and closes the recipro...
23  cards
Assignment - Compressor #2
4 components of a compressor valv...,
Valve lift refers to,
Too much valve lift refers to
13  cards
Quiz - Gears & Variable Speed Drives
The distance from the centre of o...,
With an internal spur gear and pi...,
The input gear of the train has 3...
31  cards
Assignment - Gears & Variable Speed Drives
What are the two types of gear dr...,
Two gears meshed together with di...,
Is there a mechanical advantage i...
19  cards
Module - Gearing Fundamentals
Gears are positive power transmis...,
The pinion gear is usually the sm...,
Most gears are be made to the sta...
32  cards
Module - Gearing Installation & Maintenance
What is the name of the organizat...,
You have been given a work order ...,
Why is it impossible to shut some...
47  cards
Module - Variable-Speed Power Transmission Devices
Why is it necessary to lock out p...,
Explain the process of applying l...,
Why are there six sets of holes i...
44  cards
Module - Shafting, Fits & Accessories.
__________ are designed to be the...,
What is the recommended width of ...,
A 608 woodruff key is __________ ...
18  cards
Assignment - Shafting, Fits & Accessories.
Keys are a,
Key clearance should not exceed _...,
Rule of thumb for key width
21  cards

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