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Section 310(1), Crimes Act 1961

• conspires
• with any person
• to commit any offence or
• to do or omit, in any part of the world,
• anything of which the doing or omission in New Zealand would be an offence.


Accessory After The Fact

Section 71(1), Crimes Act 1961
Under 10 years - 1/2 penalty
10 years or more - 5 years
Life imprisonment - max 7 years

- Knowing any person to be a party to an offence
- Receives, Comforts or Assists that person OR Tampers with or actively suppresses any evidence against him or her
- In order to enable him or her to escape after arrest OR
to avoid arrest or conviction.



Section 108(1), Crimes Act 1961

• a witness making any
• assertion as to any matter of fact, opinion, belief, or knowledge
• in any judicial proceeding
• forming part of that witness’s evidence on oath
• known by that witness to be false, and
• intended to mislead the tribunal



Sec 246(1), Crimes Act 1961

• act of receiving
• any property stolen, or
• obtained by any other imprisonable offence
• knowing that at the time of receiving the property that it had been stolen or obtained by any other imprisonable offnce, or
• being reckless as to whether or not the property had been stolen or so obtained.