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What destination weather is required to take off on a 135 flight?

Cannot t/o unless current or forecast weather at ETA is at or above IFR landing minimums.


What are the weather requirments to begin an instrument approach (135)?

  1. Must have approved weather reporting
  2. Latest weather at or above IFR landing minimums for that airport


What does OPSPEC C077 say about weather requirements?

Turbojet operations require an approved source of reported weather


What does OPSPEC C064 say about the weather?

Prohibits IFR terminal operations in uncontrolled airspace (Class G) w/o an approved source of weather


What are "Eligible On-Demand" weather requirements?

Destination or Alternate have approved weather reporting, + local altimeter.

  • No weather at the destination? Must declare an alternate


What weather is controlling?

The worst weather -- Chance/Occasional/Intermittent/Tempo/ Possibility


When is an Alternate required?  

ETA +/- 1 hour:

  • Ceiling;1,500 above lowest circling MDA;
    • No circling? Then 1,500 above lowest published min, or 2,000 above airport elevation -- whichever is higher.
  • Visability; 3sm or 2sm above the lowest applicable approach -- whichever is higher


What are the weather requirements for an airport to qualify as an Alternate for 135 operations?

  1. Must have weather reporting
  2. Approved for filing as an alternate ( no "NA" block), WATCH for notes on "non-standard" alternate minimums
  3. One (1) NAVAID:
    1. +400 DH/MDA and +1sm; two
  4. Two (2) NAVAIDs*: +200 DH/MDA to the higher approach, and 1/2 sm to the highest Cat 1 vis

*Two different identifiers -- could be the same frequency



For Alternate Filing purposes, what is a "Navigation Facility"?

A different identifier could be the same frequency, straight in approaches only, must be to a "suitable" runway -- length, w/in wind limits, etc.


What are Standard IFR Take-Off Minimums?

Standard, 1 or 2 engines: 1 sm/5000RVR.


NOTE: check "T" for non-standard take-off minimums


What OPSPEC covers "Lower than Standard" Take Off Minima? 


If you are authorized "lower than standard" take off minimums, it would be noted in C057 AND C079

Two (2) pilots are required for lower than standard passenger operations 

  • Single Pilot operations are not authorized "lower than standard minimums


If you have OPSPEC C079, what else do you need for lower than standard takeoff minimums with TDZ RVR 1600/RVV 1/4sm?

Must have one of:

  • HIRL, or
  • CL, or
  • RCLM, or
  • "Adequate visual reference" to continuously identify the takeoff surface


If you have OPSPEC C079, what else do you need for lower than standard takeoff minimums with TDZ RVR 1200/Mid 1200/Roll-out 1000?

Must have one of:

  1. Daylight --
    • HIRL or,
    • CL, or
    • RCLM
  2. Night --
    • HIRL or
    • CL


If you have OPSPEC C079, what else do you need for lower than standard takeoff minimums with an RVR of less than 1600 ft?

>RVR 1600,

  • TDZ controlling 
  • 2 pilots (no "AP in Lieu…")
  • ADI, DG, VSI, Altimeter at each pilot station w/independent power for ADI and DG,
  • PIC & SIC must have 100 hours in make and model


When can a Single Engine aircraft use "Lower than Standard" Takeoff Minima?

Single-Engine passenger not authorized.

Could be authorized Turbine, all-cargo operations


Can you take off with the weather at your departure field is below landing mins?

Cannot t/o if weather less than landing minimums at departure airport -- unless there is an alternate airport w/in 1 hour at normal cruise (aka Takeoff Alternate)


Can you continue an Instrument Approach after the weather goes below mins past the FAF?

Yes, If at DH/MDA the actual weather (visibility) is equal to or greater than landing visibility, you may continue the approach.


What is the lowest Cat 1 landing visibility?

1800 RVR or 1/2 sm


What takes presidence, RVR or Tower Visibility?

RVR takes precedence


What is needed to descent below DH/MDA?

  1. Landing "environment" in sight
  2. Flight visibility > minimums
  3. Aircraft in position to make a normal approach and landing
  4. Red termination/side row bars visible to go below 100 ft TDZ


What are Single Pilot Takeoff Minimums?

The lowest authorized straight-in Cat 1 IFR landing minimums for that airport -- IF AUTHORIZED IN OPSPEC C057


NOTE: SINGLE PILOT, NOT SINGLE ENGINE -- Single Engine not authorized below Standard T/O minimums


What are the requirements for Two Pilots Takeoff Minimums (w/C057) -- 1/4 mile or 1600 RVR?

CO57 Authorization:

  • 1/4 mile or RVR 1600 and at least one of:
  • HIRL, CL, RCLM, or
  • "Adequate visual reference to continuously identify the takeoff surface".


What are the requirements for Two Pilots Takeoff Minimums (w/C057) -- RVR 1200?

CO57 Authorization:

  • TDZ RVR 1200 and Rollout RVR 1000
  • Must have both CL and 2 RVR reporting systems


What are the requirements for Two Pilots Takeoff Minimums (w/C057) -- -- RVR 600?

CO57 Authorization:

  • TDZ RVR 600, Mid RVR 600 and Rollout RVR 600
  • Must have CL, RCLM, and
  • 2 of 3 RVR reporting systems must be working


Are reduced takeoff mins allowed with "AP in lieu of SIC"?

Not Authorized


What are the reduced takeoff mins pilot requirements?

  • PIC and SIC must have 100 hours in specific make &a model, plus
  • Completed company training program for reduced takeoff minimums


What is the destination requirement for weather reporting  (NOT Eligible On-Demand)?

Must have weather reporting from an "approved source" 



What weather is required to begin an Instrument Approach?

Cannot start approach (pass IAF), if the weather is below approach minimums -- VISIBILITY is controlling (ceilings are "considered")


What can you do, after beginning approach, and the weather goes below mins?

Can continue past FAF and land IF upon reaching MDA/DA or DH the actual flight visibility is equal to or greater than landing minimums


What is the lowest authorized straight-in CAT 1 mins?

1800 RVR (TDZ) or 1/2sm