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Who was the local deity for Athens?



What did Pericles build on the Acropolis?

The Parthenon


How many years did Pericles rule Athens?



What action lead to Athens' downfall?

They attacked one of Sparta's allies.


What was unique about Athens' location?

It was strategic: close to the ports where their strong navy was.


What did education look like in Athens?

Only boys were allowed to get an education. They started at the age of 7 with either a tutor or at a private school; there were no public schools.


What significant event happened in Athens in 508?

They got their first democratic constitution.


How did you become a citizen of Athens?

You had to be a male age 18 or older whose father's father was a citizen. You had to live in the city, and you had to take an oath to Zeus.


What were some of the responsibilities of Athenian citizens?

They had to be part of the military in times of war.
They were required to serve for 2 years on the Council of 500 if they were drawn by lot.
They always had to act in the best interest of the Polis.


When Athens took over the rule of the Delian League, what happened?

The Athenians started interfering with the politics in other Polis'.
Athenian permission was needed for any sailing and travelling.
Criminal cases were brought to Athenian courts.
Athens used Delian League money for themselves.
Other Polis' began to hate Athens.