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What joint classifications are identified at the vertebral body of T1

fibrous (amphiarthrosis) syndesmosis
cartilaginous (amphiarthrosis) symphisis
synovial plane (diarthrosis arthrodia)
modified synovial saddle is observed only as an anatomical anomyly


What are the osseous parts of the costotransverse joint

the transverse costal facet and the articular surface of the tubercle of the rib


What ligaments support the costotransverse joint of T1

the inferior costotransverse and lateral costotransverse ligaments


what ligament is absent at the costotransverse joint of T1

the superior costotransverse ligament


the superior costotransverse ligament of the transverse process of T1 will attach to which rib

the second rib


What muscles attach to the transverse process of T1`

longissimus thoracis, longissimus cervicis, longissimus capitis
semispinalis cervicis, semispinalis capitis
multifidis, rotator longus, rotator brevis, intertransversarii, levator costarum brevis


WHat is the orientation of the superior articular facet of T1

BUL backward upward and lateral


What is the orientation of the inferior articular facet of T1

ForMeD they face forward medial and downward


How many synovial joints are present at T1



What muscles attach to the spinous process of T1

trapezius, rhomboid minor, serratus posterior superior, splenius capitis
spinalis thoracis, spinalis cervicis, spinalis capitis
semispinalis thoracis, multifidis, rotator longus rotator brevis interspinalis