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What is globalisation?

Process by which different cultures have come to share the same media texts


Young and Rubicam’s four consumers, what are mainstreamers?

Make up 40% of the population. They like security and belonging to a group.


Young and Rubicam’s four consumers, what are aspirers?

Want status and esteem of others. Like status symbols, designer labels etc.


Young and Rubicam’s four consumers, what are succeeders?

People who already have status and control


Young and Rubicam’s four consumers, what are reformers?

Define themselves by their self esteem and self fulfilment.


What is the hypodermic syringe model?

A model of communications suggesting that an intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the receiver.
Passive audience.
Media has an influential effect on its audience.


What is the inoculation model?

Inoculate: to make immune.
Long term exposure to repeated media messages makes audiences immune to them.
Prolonged exposure to media violence would desensitise the audience so they would no longer be shocked by it.
William J. McGuire.


What is the narcotising dysfunction model?

Narcotic: a substance that dulls senses.
Mass media causes audience to be incapable of action. Prolonged media exposure can act like a narcotic drug on the brain causing apathy.
Couch potato.
Media has overall dominance in how we think and process information.


What is cultural competences?

Texts that can be identified as belonging to a genre that has gender appeal.
Pierre Bourdieu.


What is the reception theory?

Intensity of audience involvement.
Primary involvement: completely consumed.
Secondary involvement: occupied by another task, half listening.
Tertiary involvement: medium is just the background.
Jeremy Tunstall.


Encoding and decoding Model?

Preferred reading.
Dominant: primary audience agree with the dominant values within the preferred reading of the text.
Negotiated: agree with some of the values, disagree with other values.
Oppositional: disagree with the values and preferred reading of the text.


What is cultural effects? The drip drip effect?

The more ideology dripped into society, the more the audience believe it. Media heavily influences society.
Long term effects of particular ideological representations on our beliefs and values.


What is the two step flow model?

Mass media use opinion leaders to reach the wider population.


What is the uses and gratification model?

Need for personal identity.
Need for companionship.
Need for entertainment.
Need to be informed.