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What are the three different housing markets?

Private housing

Rental Market

Social Housing


In relation to private housing, what are some areas such as Dublin and Cork experiencing?

A private housing shortage


Where in Ireland is there a private housing shortage?

Urban areas such as Dublin and Cork


Why is there a shortage of private housing in Dublin and Cork

Due to demand exceeding supply


What effect does the shortage of private housing in Dublin and Cork have on prices?

This causes an increase in house prices


In relation to private housing, what are some rural areas experiencing?

There are many unoccupied private houses for sale


Why is there many unoccupied private housing estates in rural Ireland?

As there is a much lower demand for them than in urban areas


Where are many of the unoccupied private houses in rural Ireland located?

In ghost estates


Why are many of the unoccupied private houses in rural Ireland not bought?

As the recession left them unfinished


What is a ghost estate?

Ghost estates are developments of ten or more houses where 50% of the houses are unoccupied or incomplete


Write a note on the availability of private housing in Ireland.

Lack of private housing in urban areas - Dublin/Cork - demand exceeds supply - Increase in house prices

Plenty of private housing in rural areas - much lower demand - many in ghost estates - left unfinished by the recession


What has happened to rent costs in urban areas?

They have increased dramatically in recent years


Why has rent costs increased dramatically in urban areas?

Due to an increased demand for rental properties and a shortage of supply


What is one of the main reasons for the shortage of supply in rental housing?

Many people are finding it difficult to obtain a mortgage or save for the large deposit needed for a mortgage which means they stay renting for longer


What Act was amended to stabilise the private rental market?

The Residential Tenancies Act (amended in 2015)


Why did the Residential Tenancies Act need to be amended?

To stabilise the private rental market and ensure security for renters


How does the Residential Tenancies Act ensure security for renters?

Under this act, landlords may review the rent only once every two years and they must give 120 days notice to do so


How many days notice does a landlord have to give before reviewing rent?

120 days notice


How often can a landlord review rent?

Every two years


Write a note on the rental market.

Rent cost - increase - urban areas - increased demand - shortage of supply -difficult to obtain a mortgage or deposit - people end up renting for longer - reduces supply

Residential Tendencies act - amended in 2015 - landlords can rent review every 2 years - 120 days notice to renters


What type of housing is there a sever shortage of?

Social housing


Why is there a sever shortage of social housing?

High demand and little or no availability


What is social housing?

Housing provided to individuals on low incomes or with particular needs by the government or non-profit organisations


Write a note on social housing.

Severe shortage - high demand - little/no availability - definition - under a 100,000 on waiting list currently (approx. 90,000)