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What does HAP stand for?

Housing Assistance Payment


Who is HAP aimed towards?

For an individual on the waiting list for social housing who finds a suitable privately sold house


Who is HAP available for?
How do you qualify for Housing Assistance Payment?

To individuals who have a long-term housing need and are approved for social housing support


What is the aim of HAP?

To enable an individual (on the social housing list) to obtain accommodation within the private rental sector


Who must source the suitable accommodation in the private rental sector?

Sourced by the individual in receipt of the HAP


What happens once HAP is approved?

The local authority pays the full agreed monthly rent to the landlord on behalf of the individual


What does the local authority pay is HAP is approved?

The full agreed monthly rent to the landlord on behalf of the individual


What does the individual pay if HAP is approved?

They pay a rent contribution (small amount) to the local authority based on their income and their ability to pay


How is the rent contribution determined?

Based on the individuals income and ability to pay


What is the main benefit of HAP for the individual?

They are able to take up full-time employment while receiving this payment so it does not prevent them from seeking work in the fear of payment being lost


Write a note on HAP.

Individuals on the waiting list - need social housing (approved for social housing)- find a suitable privately sold home

Must be sourced by the HAP recipient - approved - local authority pays rent to landlord

Rent contribution to local authority based on income and ability to pay

Can take up full-time work without loosing HAP