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what is aerobic respiration?

respiration using oxygen within animals and plants


what is the word equation for aerobic respiration?

glucose + oxygen --------- co2 + water + ENERGY


what are four examples of what the energy released by aerobic respiration is use for?

build up larger molecules from smaller ones
in animals to allow muscles to contract
mammals and birds - keep their body temp steady
in plants to build sugars and nutrients into amino acids then proteins


what does physical activity do to your breathing and heart rate?

increases breathing rate, makes you breathe more to demand for more oxygen
increases heart rate


what does your body require more of when doing exercise?

glucose and energy


what is anaerobic respiration?

incomplete breakdown of glucose which produces lactic acid


what does lactic acid do?

builds up in your muscles - painful
causes muscle fatigue


what is oxygen debt?

after exercise blood flows through your muscles to remove the lactic acid by oxidising it to harmless co2 and water