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when does an ionic bond form?

when a metal reacts with a non metal


what are the two properties of ionic compounds?
explain why?

high melting and boiling points
-ionic bonds are strong, lots of energy to break them

conductive when liquid
-they can only conduct when their ions move freely, not when they are solid


what properties does graphite have? 3

insoluble in water
high melting point
conducts electricity


what are the characteristics of graphite (what does it look like?)

black and opaque


why is graphite slippery?

it contains layers of carbon atoms that move over each other easily cus there are only weak forces between them


what are diamonds properties? 5

colourless and clear
high melting point
insoluble in water
does not conduct electricity


why do diamonds not conduct electricity?

they have no free electrons to move around freely


why do metals have high boiling and melting points?

their particles are help together by strong metallic bonds which makes them hard to break up, needs lots of energy