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What are the 6 fundamental motor skills?



How can you test for running?

Can be timed, ( point A to B) faster normally means better or how fast they go (speed)

Can be assessed over a specific distance 100m sprint/26 mile marathon


How can you test throwing?

How successful the Throw was


How can you test for jumping?

Distance - how far/high they jumped

The style of jump maybe assessed e.g creative dance or gym routine


How can you test for catching?

Was it successful and the end result


How can you test for Kicking?

-Was it successful and accurate
-Measured usually by end result


How can you measure hitting?

-Was it successful and accurate
-Can be measured by end result or distance


Who are the three types of people who make decisions in physical activity?

-Coaches or leaders


Examples of decision a participant would make playing invasion games?

-Pass to another player or shoot- football
-Whether to dodge left or right- netball
-Whether or not to have a scrum or a lineout- rugby


Examples of decisions participants would make in Outdoor Adventurous Activities?

-Whether to turn will a snowplow or parallel turn- skiing
-Which way to go down a mountain - skiing
-Whether to go on the ramp or grind bar -snowboarding


What decision would a participant make in Target Games?

-How far left/right are you going to aim due the the wind - golf
-What sort of club to use to hit the ball - golf
-What target to hit- clay pigeon shooting


what decisions would a participant make in athletics?

-Whether you are going to run from the right or left- high jump
-How long your run up will be a javelin
-Whether you will spin or not - discus
-Deciding on a type of vault to score points - gym


What decisions would a coach or leader make?

-Coach of a sports team/athlete - who they are going to pick to play the footie match
-Fitness instructor - what muscle group to work for the session
-Captain- make a substitution
-Teaching - what sport or drill to do


What decisions may a official make?

-Whether to disqualify someone or not - swimming
-Whether the goal was scored - football
-Whether their foot was in touch - rugby


Why do we follow safety regulations?

-Fair play
-Makes game enjoyable
-Makes games unique
-Able to know the score
-Control the game


what is etiquette?

Etiquette is the unwritten expectations/codes of behavior not rules


Examples of Etiquette...

-Shake hands before and after the game.
-Clap new batsman in cricket.
-apologizing if you have hurt a player.
-encouraging teammates.
-thanking players/umpire for the game.
-putting equipment back at the gym and wiping it down
-dont swear or be abusive


Why is it important to show good sportsmanship?

-To show respect for your opponent
-Avoid injury
-Let the game flow
-Could be banned/not selected for the team.
-Avoid arrogance
-Be a Role Model


What are the 4 Key Concepts?

-Healthy, Active lifestyle


What is competence?

being able to learn a skills and apply it to a physical activity and how ready you are in the body and mind to perform these skills in physical activity.


Examples of competence...

-learned the appropriate skill - stop and hit a ball in hockey.
-Know when to use the skill - when to shoot in basketball
-Use appropriate tactics - know when to concentrate on attacking and defending in football
- use ideas to link moves together- gym routine
- Be fit enough to do the activity effectively.
-Have the right mental approach - determined to finish the class


What is Performance?

Putting your physical competence into action to produce an effective outcome


Examples of Performance...

-performing well, needing to be able and have good skills- if you are in a netball team you can run fast and change direction well.
- understanding what is required to perform the skill well - in Rugby knowing how to time a run effectively to break a defensive line.


What is Creativity?

Experimenting with techniques,tactics and ideas to produce a efficient and effective outcome.


Examples of Creativity...

- in dance you use your imagination to interpret an emotion.
-trying different long jump techniques, then practicing the technique to be successful
- in badminton developing a fake smash to outwit your opponent.


What is a Healthy, Active Lifestyle?

Understanding the positive contribution that a healthy, active lifestyle make t physical and mental health


Examples of a Health,Active Lifestyle...

- participating more in sports you are more likely to be healthy
- Exercise can release the 'feel good' hormone 'Endorphin' which helps mental well-being
- longer life expectancy


What are the 5 key fitness components?

-Cardiovascular endurance
- Muscular endurance
- Flexibility


What is Cardiovascular endurance?

The ability for our body to keep going for long periods of time whilst participating in sport or everyday e.g. running a marathon or dancing.


Examples of Cardiovascular endurance?

-In Football to be able to run around for 90 minutes.
-In Golf to walk for 3/4 hours
-Car Washers being able to move around all day
-Builders being able to work and be on their toes all day.