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When does the electronic low pressure warning activate?

84 BAR


When does the pneumatic low pressure warning activate?

74 BAR +/-5


When the battery drops below 5.5 volts, how long is left to use the BA set?

2 hours


What is the name of the BA facemask?

The FPS (face protective system) 7000 facemask


What are the two buttons on the LDV and what do they do?

First breath button
Stops air escaping the set until the first breath is taken

Additional flow button
Provides additional air into the mask


What are the benefits of having a positive pressure inside the mask?

If a leak occurs, the pressure is released outwards instead of outside air rushing into the mask


What is the reducer and where is it mounted?

The reduce assists in the reduction of cylinder pressure to a breathable pressure (6-9 BAR). The LDV then supplies the breathable pressure to the mask

Mounted on the backplate


What is the inline connection, and what is the second person connection? What couplings do they both use?

Inline connection
Main connection from the LDV to the set

Second person connection
Used in the case of another BA wearers needing to share the same air

Both use quick release couplings (QRC)


What are the three non-kink hoses on the BA set, and where do they go?

High pressure - electronic management unit (EMU)
Medium pressure - to the LDV via the inline connection
Medium pressure - to the second person connection


What does the Bodyguard 7000 do?

Gives a visual indication to the BA wearer of the air consumption within the cylinder and time to warning device in minutes


The Bodyguard 7000 continuously monitors the BA set, and can display what five features?

Available air pressure of the cylinder
Time of warning (TOW)
Time to warning (TTW)
Motion sensor and automatic distress signal unit (ADSU)
Button activated manual distress unit (DSU)


What are the four features of STOPCAB?

Positive pressure
Speech diaphragm
Additional flow button
Stable air flow it low breathing resistance


What do the three LED indicators on the Bodyguard 7000 show?

Green - operational mode, key removed
Red and blue - warning mode
Blue - telemetry signal


What does ADSU stand for, and what is it?

Automatic distress signal unit
The alarm is emitted when the pre-alarm has reached 15 second without movement of the Bodyguard 7000


What does DSU stand for, and what is it?

Manual audible alarm that can be activated by pressing the orange button on the Bodyguard 7000


What can temporarily effect the operation of the Bodyguard 7000?

High intensity magnetic flux fields, such as body scanner chambers


What colour are the tally's of the SDBA and the EDBA?

SDBA - yellow
EDBA - red


What three things need to be written in the tally of your BA set?

The role and name of wearer
Cylinder pressure
Entry time into the risk area


A complete BA set must include what seven things?

Bodyguard key
Personal line
Cable cutters
Cylinder cover
Log book


What does LDV stand for, and what does it do?

Lung demand valve
Supplies air at a breathable pressure to meet the demands of the wearer


What is the name of the LFB breathing apparatus set?

Drager PSS 7000 breathing apparatus set


What is the working duration of the SDBA?

31 minutes at 50 litres per minute


How much does the Drager PSS 7000 set weigh?



What does STOPCAB mean?

Self contained
Two stage
Open circuit
Positive pressure
Breathing apparatus


Name some features of the FPS 7000 facemask?

Anti dermatitic rubber
Five adjustable strap harness
Inner mask to prevent misting and the build up of carbon dioxide
Speech diaphragm to aid communication
Non-return valves in inner mask
Can be converted to a respirator - replace LDV with a P3 cartridge


What is the PSS Merlin telemetry module, and what does it do?

Battery powered unit that transmits and received audible and visual alarm signal data, to and from the PSS Merlin Entry Control Board