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The IC should select and implement the most appropriate method of searching a premises, depending on what?
Five answers

Any pre-planning
The numbers location of people involved
Type of structure
Scale and complexity of the incident
Hazards and risks presented


What life risk information does the IC need to gather both ends route to an incident, and on arrival?
Five answers

Number of people involved
Approximate ages and mobility of the people involved
Last known location and activity
Information from fire survival calls
Location in relation to the fire


On locating a casualty, what should BA teams do?
Four answers

Immediate alert the rest of the team by shouting 'casualty'
Inform the ECO and state location
Make a quick assessment of the casualties condition
Quickly sweep the immediate area for more casualties


Name some advantages of the one person drag?
Four answers

Protects the casualties head and back
33% of casualty weight is taken by the floor
The rescue can keep low from heat barrier
If the casualty regains conciousness, they will be in less of a position to strike


Name some advantages of the two person drag?
Three answers

33% of casualty weight is supported by the floor
The rescuers can be low below the heat barrier
The rescuers are facing the direction of travel


How can a third team member assist when removing a casualty?
Four answers

Guide the team and provide safe movement
Clear obstacles and hold doors
Warn of changes in floor levels such as stairs
Acting as relief by changing with one of the carriers


What should be done with a casualty that is too heavy to move?

Contact the ECO and request a salvage sheet
The casualty can be rolled on it and dragged out


What is the fundamental principle of directional search procedure?

To clear all compartments, but not necessarily before moving compartments


What is the fundamental principle of the compartment search procedure?

That a BA team will attempt to fully search each compartment before moving onto them next one


The search brief for a team may require the search to commence from where?
Four answers

Point of entry
Point of greatest danger for casualties within an area
Close to the likely seat of fire
Other designated point


What is the main difference between the two search procedures?
Directional and compartment

When directional searching, the BA team will progress through the first door they located in any compartment


What are five survival calls?

Calls to LFB control from people trapped within the building


What is the role of a Search Coordinator at an incident?

Gather information and assist the IC in coordinating the search and recording information on a forward information board