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Bigday kehuna
Kohen Gadol 8

Mitznefes - turban
Tiz - head plate
Choshen - Brest plate / choshon
Avnet - belt
Efod - apron
Michnasim- pance
Mil - under coat
Kesones -


The kohen haydioho have 4

Sichnoyim, kesonos, avnet migvos
Pance, robe, belt, hat


Arimim v'tumim

A writing of Hashem's name wich was placed in the folds of the Choshen.


Lochos Habrios

2 lochos were given to Moshe at HarSini.
The Aseres Hadibros we're graved on them. The second lochos and the broken pieces of the first beer placed in Aron Koddesh in the holies of holies.



The captains that separated the Koddesh and the Koddesh hakodoshim in both the mishkan and the Bais Hamigdash. In Shul it covers the Aron hakodesh


Ezra's Hanoshim

a. An ara with in the walls of the Ezra in the Bais Hamigdash which have rooms for their Kohanim
b. A name for the woman section in Shul


Shiur shel Yom

The song sung by the Levim in the behama"k when offering the Korbonos Tomid on a daily basis. The songs are from Tehillim accordingly, we say the appropriate one for each day



This is a mitzva Asheh for men, children and woman on the first day of sukkos on the year that follows Schmita


Sunhedrn hagdola

Consists of 71 judges Who were seated in a semicircle in lodhochas hagizim in the the Bais Hamigdash this was the main which Bais din wich rules for all of Israel they could annonted to Kings decide where to go voluntarily wars, Pro claiming an ir hadincha sanctfing the new moon etc.


The small Sanhedrin

This Sanhedrin was loacated at the entrance of the har habais and the gates of the Ezrah In Jerusalem and in the other cities in Israle. They had 23 judges. Their main authorities was jugging matters of life and death. They were only effective while the great sardines was in lachshoves hagilos


Bais Din

Has 3 judges and they are in every city and they judge momenty matters. The head of the Bais Din is called av Bais din אב״ד



When a bribery is given to the judge in oder to sway a jugment in the bribery favor. I.e. Flattering is forbidden eg. Greeting the judge were it is not the accepted norm.


Air Miklat

When the Bais Hamigdash was around, there were three cities in Israel and three across the yarden. A personally killed another person by Accident could find refuge in the city


Mincha Hakohanim

Hashem gave 24 gifts to the kohanim. 10 in the Bais hamigdash four in Jerusalem and 10 in Israle
a) in the bis Hamigdash the meat of the holies of holies lehem shanis or lehem haponim
b) bekurim and the meat of the holies - Jerusalem
c) teruma, Challa, The first born of an animal the first born donkey so forth


Pidgin haben

A son who is a first born to his mother (and is not a kohen or lavi) is redeemed with five silver coins, 30 days after is he is born. The kohen receives the money which is one of his 24 gifts


Hafroshas Chala

Dough made of one of the five grains. It is a mitzva to separate Chala from the dough and give it to their kohen. The amount I don't which requires a separation of colour contains 43 batzos of flour.


Rashis hagez

It is a mitzva to give the kohen the first wool that is shread from the cattle. The Torah does not say how much to give. The chachmim require want to give a portion of every 60 parts


Teromah and misroh
Teruma has gedolah

A man from Israel separate teruma from his crop and gives it to the kohen


Maseh rishono

A man from Israel separate attention from his crop and gives it to a Levi


Teruma miser

The Levi separate a tenth from his terumah received and he gives it to the kohen


Mash shayni

In years 1, 2, 4, 5 of this shmita cycle a tenth is separated from the crop to be eaten in purity in Israel


Maser oni

In years 3 and 6 of the shmita cycle , A 10th is separated from the crop and given to the poor


Maser behemoth

The owner takes one out of every 10 animals that he has and gives it to the Kohen


Maser kapayim

One gives a 10th of his income to Tzadaka


Zecher u'livrochah

Once the Bais Hamigdash was destroyed the chachmim decree that there should be a remainder of the destruction in anything joyous
A. When a person builds a knew house he should leave one ama square
B. We break glass under a chupa to remember the churnban